Electrical Resistivity Imaging is an effective and non-destructive geophysical survey method to detect and map sub-surface geological structures. This survey method is not affected by vibrations in the ground, hence it is most suitable to be used in urban area. Electrical resistivity survey is widely used for ore bodies detection and groundwater studies in Malaysia. This can be conducted together with ground magnetometer survey to map the overview distribution of the ore body or sub-surface structure.

The resistivity meter, ABEM Terrameter SAS4000, is a combined Resistivity and Induced Polarisation (IP) system. It comes with a high measuring capacity with 4 input channels, which enables faster recording time in the field. Our system comes with a 400m cable which can be configured to acquired data with Wenner, Schelumberger or Pole-Pole protocols, depends on client's requirement and objective. 

Petroseis has conducted numerous 2D Resistivity Survey in Malaysia, the applications for resistivity survey are listed below.


  • Groundwater Exploration
  • Ore Body Detection
  • Cavity Detection
  • Slope Stability Study
  • Underground Archaeological Mapping
  • Subsurface Bedrock Mapping
  • Stratigraphy Surveys
  • Environmental Studies

Field Procedure

The resistivity survey measures variations in the electrical resistivity of the ground, by applying small electric currents across arrays of ground electrodes. DC current is injected using 2 current electrodes (C1 and C2), and the potential difference is measured using 2 potential electrodes (P1 and P2). 

Measurement of potential was carried out automatically in the Resistivity Meter according to the pre-programmed protocol or array that we choose. The data collected is processed using RES2DINV software to produce a sub-surface profile showing resistivity distribution along the survey line.

Interpreted Resistivity Profile 

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