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Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management

We believe maintaining a high standard of QHSE standard is essential for the future of our business. In Petroseis, we operate a comprehensive QHSE management system that meets the requirement imposed by various statutory bodies, and we continuously seek to improve the HSE standards of the industry.

Petroseis Sdn Bhd affirms its commitment to the following: -

  • To assure the Quality of services and products.
  • No accidents and no harm to people and environment.
  • Protect the Health, Safety, Security, and Property of our employees, contractors, and customers.
  • Avoidance of damage to the Environment and to minimise the generation of Waste.
  • Every person employed by PetroSeis is responsible for getting QHSE right. Each has the responsibility to adopt the correct behaviour in themselves and others at workplace, which otherwise may cause risk of accident. This includes the obligation to intervene, and to call for “Stop Work” if necessary during any perceived unsafe activity or operation.
  • Promote a safety culture in which all Employees share this QHSE commitment at all time. QHSE is a condition of employment.
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Tel : +603 51319899    Email: info@petroseis.asia

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